Custom panels

Because of its properties, acrylic is a commonly used material and is increasingly replacing glass. It is used both for the production of everyday items through the construction of protective barriers and very complex elements such as submarines.

The production standard of acrylic panels is a flat size of 305 × 205 cm, with a material thickness of up to 25mm. In order to meet the needs of our customers and the needs resulting from our own realization, we provide panels of non-standard dimensions and forms. They are used, for example, in the construction of shop windows, showcases, zoos, zoo windows, etc.


The main advantages of pmma:

20 times more resistant to impact from glass

Excellent transparency – up to 99%

ease of machining

wide range of applications

50% lighter than glass

Multiple connectivity options – easy to mount

Thanks to the possibilities of thermoforming, CNC milling and laser cutting, we can offer our customers panels of any shape.
The waiting time for a product depends on its size and complexity.