Acrylic aquariums

In our work we leave nothing by chance. Each acrylic aquarium is made with care for the smallest details. Thanks to our experience and developed practice, our work has been determined by our quality, unique aesthetics and product endurance. Aquariums made by us are a guarantee of comfort, incredible aesthetics and long-term reliability.

Standard size tanks offer

By choosing acrylic aquariums from Aqua Technology you get :

  • Products made of the best materials – we cooperate with the Evonic brand,
  • aquarium with no flaws such as bubbles or internal defects that affect the visual quality and durability of the tank;,
  • acrylic aquarium with polymerized links – we do not use cheap solvent-based glues,
  • PMMA with improved scratch resistance.

Aquariums to size

Aquariums adapted to customers needs. We create aquariums of any size and shape within individual projects. Thanks to the acrylic properties we are able to realize even the most sophisticated forms.

Aquarium in cylidric shape

We create aquariums in the form of a cylinder / tube. This is an extremely spectacular form of aquarium exposure, often chosen as a decoration in public spaces.

The best materials


Acrylic, or PMMA, is a resistant, transparent material that is perfect for creating aquariums. We care about the highest quality of used by us raw materials to meet all your expectations. Our products stands out with much greater resistance to damage than their glass equivalents.odpowiedniki.

Professional equipment


Thanks to the fact that we dispose of innovative machines, we can provide you with exceptionally high quality of production. To link acrylic glass elements we use polymerization of welds, which permanently connect them and excludes the possibility of leaks.

The final result


As a result of our work, a beautiful acrylic aquarium is created, which can be successfully used, for example in an aquarium or at an aquaristic exposition in zoo. Thanks to this, visitors will be able to watch with delight the functioning inside underwater world.

How acrylic aquarium is made

The basic principle of our work is to focus on fulfilling customer needs. We make acrylic aquariums for individual orders, the more complicated task, the greater is our commitment to achieve it. Our tanks reach a volume of hundreds of thousands of liters and can take on any shape.

The implementation process begins with precise analysis of the task, after which we create visualization consulted with the client. After approval of the project we begin production, which depending on the complexity level requires using specialized equipment and modern technologies.


Acrylic aquariums advantages



The acrylic aquarium is much more durable than the traditional glass counterpart. Even in case of a strong impact, there shouldn’t appear any fracture. It is therefore This kind of material is worth trying, because it guarantees peace and no fear of flooding the object as a result of someone’s inattention. This ensures safety of both the service and the guests watching the creatures living in the tank.



The unquestioned advantage of the acrylic aquarium is excellent clarity, which increase the visual effect. This material stand out by exceptionally high light transmission – around 92%, while in the case of glass it is only about 70-75%. Acryl has a density similar to water, so you can freely shape the tank without compromising the quality of your visual impressions.



Acryl is a highly flexible material that can be shaped easily. In the case of glass, tank shaping is a very expensive procedure. The acrylic aquarium can not only form a traditional cuboid, but also take on many creative forms. Definitely, it will be an extraordinary arrangement solution.



The difference in density between glass and acrylic shows that the first of these materials is noticeably heavier. The containers made of glass are logistically impractical. Acrylic aquariums can be moved more easily from place to place, which is especially important for large-scale models, as they will be less burdensome/weight to construction.