Aqua Technology - Acrylic aquarium

We specialize in creating aquarium products, both freshwater and seawater. Our team has extensive experience and extensive knowledge in their scope, so we can adjust the work to the specific requirements and needs of the customer. We can make anything for you, from the standard acrylic aquarium to aquarium tailored to individual customer requirements. We can provide you practically any capacity, even if it is hundreds of thousands of liters.

In our offer you will also find solid underwater windows. Because of the fact that they are made from the highest quality PMMA, they are much more resistant to damage than glass. We invite you to cooperate in creating aquarium breeding, oceanarium and more.

Aquarium systems
Aquarium systems is a department dedicated to the design and production of acrylic aquariums, filtration systems and aquarium equipment.

We produce serial, standard aquariums and water tanks designed for individual order of the customer.
Our offer also includes professional products such as:
-Protein skimmers,
- sprinkler filters,
- flow filters,
- fluidisation filters,
- acrylic sumps,
- filtration systems.

Industrial Solutions
Industrial Solutions is a division that offers solutions for the construction industry. We comprehensively implement conceptual works, designs and execution of objects such as oceanariums, aquarium exhibitions or large size aquariums.
In addition, we make installation and seals of underwater windows on swimming pools, water tanks or hydrotechnical constructions.
Our products and services are created by professionals. Every new product or technological solution before being released for sale is repeatedly tested and analyzed on prototypes.

We also cooperate with aquaculture companies - we provide support in the design and construction of water treatment systems. "

Underwater window

As part of our services, we also produce and install acrylic underwater windows.

Customers can choose a model placed in steel frames or applied directly in reinforced concrete. Our underwater windows are remarkable for their durability and they can be set up to a depth of up to 10 meters (counting from the water mirror).

Acrylic aquarium

Acrylic aquarium provides higher strength than glass, and moreover, it retains better transparency and does not turn yellow with time. In addition, due to a special bonding technique, each acrylic aquarium made by our company is free from any leaks. Acrylic as a material is also extremely resistant to mechanical damage, so there is no fear of its destruction.